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We provide the best in class services by our expert staff.

Asbestos Removal

All removal of asbestos is done by fully qualified and licensed removalists, and disposed of in accordance with all regulations and guidelines. Our experienced employees hold ‘A CLASS’ and/or ‘B CLASS’ asbestos licenses allowing us to provide our service to clients who are dealing with friable and non-friable asbestos contaminated soil.

Earthworks and Basement Retention Works (Civil Construction)

Specialising in all kinds of basement construction from retention piling, capping beams, shotcrete walls, bulk and detail excavation to foundations. With our large range of company owned machines, we have an experienced team of operators that can handle small to large scale site excavations along with site remediation.

Concrete Cutting/ Drilling

Road saws are the foundation of the concrete cutting industry. Road sawing has become the most cost effective and quickest cutting procedures available in the services being able to go over 300mm in depth and also able to cut fumeless examples being hospitals, high rise and shopping centres. Core Drilling machines drill holes to 500mm in diameter, both vertically or horizontally. This process leaves smooth circular holes, typically used for plumbing and creating holes for routing cables. Hand Sawing is generally used on the floor and wall cutting of 150mm depth also able to cut fumeless examples being hospitals, high rise and shopping centres. The features of the hand saw make it ideal for when there is limited access; portable, speed and accessibility make the road saw suited for use when larger sawing machinery cannot be used.

Demolition & Deconstruction

Insured and licensed we provide a comprehensive demolition and clean up service, specialising in commercial and residential demolition. Our team are experienced with the demolition of multi storey high rise office buildings and apartment blocks, factories, warehousing, hospitals, shopping centres and other commercial facilities. Whilst Deconstruct Group may specialise in large commercial demolition projects such as hospitals and multi-level apartment building, we also pride ourselves in our ability to still service the residential demolition market with competitive pricing and exceptions workmanship.

Floor Grinding

There are purpose-built floor grinders that are used for grinding and polishing marble, granite and concrete. Machines that grind concrete floors are usually made to handle much more stress and will have more power to drive the unit as concrete has a much higher sliding friction than marble or granite. Concrete is usually ground dry for convenience, because it can be done with fewer people than wet grinding, yet can also be ground wet in which case no vacuum is used. Our concrete grinders use different sorts of abrasive to grind or polish such as diamond tools or silicon carbide. The diamond tools used for grinding most commonly are concrete grinding machines are usually powered by electrical power such as 220 volts or higher, as they require motor power larger than 110 volts can supply. Some machines are powered by LP Gas so that they can be run in well ventilated areas without a power cord. The variable speed is a good feature only available on all electric versions, which allows for slowing down of the grinding speed to keep the tooling in contact with the floor.


The internal components of a building or structure are usually the first step in any demolition, whether it’s commercial demolitions or a domestic demolition. From straight-forward projects to complex commercial, industrial, government, residential, and retail strip outs in Melbourne.

SMF (Synthetic Mineral Fibre) Removal

SMF is a general term used to describe a number of man-made fibrous materials ranging from glass, rock, alumina and silica. SMF’s have been widely used as alternatives to asbestos in insulation and fire-rating products and as reinforcement in cement, plaster and plastic materials.

Structural Propping and/or Removal

Back-propping is where concrete slab formwork is replaced with temporary props during construction or demolition. Bracing walls are used to support existing walls and structures during demolition and building, for example in tilt-up construction. Building propping take a variety of formations where propping and shoring is used in combination for a number of construction outcomes. Bridge supports provide specialist bracing for pedestrian, road and rail bridges during their construction, repair and replacement. Prop construction is used on its own or in combination with other equipment when slabs or walls need secure support. Roof supports give vertical support to a roof of any height or angle during construction or refurbishment projects. Tilt propping is used to support angled walls and pre-cast concrete slabs, most commonly in commercial and industrial construction. Under pinning refers to the use of a selection of propping equipment and methods to support structures such as mass concrete, beams, piles or props.

Tank Removal (Oil & Fuel)

Removal of both above ground and underground tanks as per Australian Standards and E.P.A. guidelines, including pipe work and contaminated soil. been assisting clients in identifying and removing underground fuel storage tanks and associated infrastructure or Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) on operational and disused industrial and commercial sites for many years. Whatever the size of your site fuel tanks we can remove and dispose of environmentally.

Lead Processing (Removal of Lead Based Products)

All removal of lead based products are carried out by our employees under full qualification and training, similar to asbestos removal.

Contaminated Soils – High & Low Level

Specialising in various types of site remediation from contamination categories A, B and C, asbestos in soil, odorous and inert material in accordance with all EPA guidelines.

Emergency works – 24-hour service

Hourly hire offers 24-hour service for emergency works. We are able to supply machinery and manpower at short notice for incidents such as:
• Emergency excavation
• If a wall collapsed
• After heavy rain and your site is inaccessible and needs to be pumped out and cleaned up
• Emergency truck or bin hire
• Emergency asbestos clean-up
Emergencies Hours (6.00pm and 7.00am)

Waste Bins

Along with our scope of works, Deconstruct Group also has a number of waste bin truck which allows us to remove rubbish from the job site. Deconstruct Group strive to achieve a high percentage rate of recyclable materials.